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Always time for art books!

  We're back but different. Now in a smaller and tightly curated webshop focused on Scandinavian must-have titles within art, architecture,
design and photography, with a selection of rare and out-of-print international titles.

Here today, gone tomorrow: Books come and go quickly, so be sure to check in with us regularly.

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Ola Rindal: Notes on Ordinary Spaces
There is a gentle stillness to Ola Rindal's 29 observations from nondescript urban spaces. New personal work by Paris-based fashion photographer Ola Rindal. Seasons Series draws inspiration from…
Thorbjörn Andersson: Nature, Site, Restraint
Eleven projects by Sweden's leading landscape architect: Dania Park, Malmö; Sandgrund Park, Karlstad; Hyllie Plaza, Malmö; Campus Park, Umeå; Sjövik Square, Stockholm; Novartis Physic Gardem, Basel; Textile Fashion…
Simon Johansson: The Young Ones [signed]
Released at signing on January 30th! Children and childhood memories are at the center in Simon Johansson's new book "The Young Ones". It's a beautiful, curious and sometimes poetic…
Gerry Johansson: Borås [signed]
An hommage to Tunbjörk's Borås. This little publication was published in conjunction with Gerry Johansson receiving the Lars Tunbjörk Foundation Prize 2019. The photographs of Borås…
New Nordic Houses
We still have stock – this title is now out of print Reiulf Ramstad, Todd Saunders, and Claesson Koivisto Rune to name a few. This is a…
Gunnar Asplund: Nybrogatan 7, Stockholm, 1931
In 1930, Gunnar Asplund, together with Sigurd Lewerentz, were contracted by The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design to make a boardroom in the building of Nybrogatan 7.…
198 Wood Joints
Re-issue of this great technical manual by French architect Elias Guenoun! First edition published in 2014 by éditions Form(e)s 198 Wood Joints is an inventory.…
Daniel Jensen: Current Events [signed]
Dancing between abstraction and the figurative A beautiful book on spectacular art! The cover of ”Current Events” has a screen printed drawing by Jensen. The book cover comes in…
Jeanette Langert: Explore Me
One of Sweden's most important choregographer explores the intersection between choreography, body, photography art and science. ”Explore Me” is an art work in three parts –…
Fukt #18, 2019/2020: The System Issue
With a cover that makes you dizzy or just eager to play, the latest issue of Fukt is simply an outstanding volume with som 30 international artists and…
Vindhäxor: Dans ett levande väsen/ Dance is a Living Spirit
An artists' book, a 40-year review, a collaboration between the founder & choreographer of legendary Vindhäxor Dance Company, Eva Lundqvist, and renowned photographer Lesley Leslie-Spinks. ”Dance is a living…
Martin Bogren: August Song [signed]
Poetic, tender and beautiful is this series by Martin Bogren and perfectly translated into the design and format of the book by Bureau Kayser. “I photographed August Song…
Jerker Andersson: Domicile
A housing typology of Falkenberg, Sweden Pictures from one of many housing estates that sprang up in Sweden at a time when people increasingly moved into the country’s expanding…
Åke Axelsson: Den hållbara formen
A selection of Åke Axelsson's more than 200 chair models. One of Sweden’s most renowned furniture designers and the principle designer at Gärsnäs, Axelsson has over the…
Andreas Eriksson: Mykorrhiza
Bold combinations of colour and texture Mykorrhiza (Mycorrhis) is the name of a new series of paintings by Andreas Eriksson. The name comes from the Greek fungus and…