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We're back but different. Now in a smaller and tightly curated webshop focused on Scandinavian must-have titles within art, architecture, design and photography, with a selection of rare and out-of-print international titles.

Here today, gone tomorrow: Books come and go quickly, so be sure to check in with us regularly.

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Scandinavian Architects
Contemporary Scandinavian architecture – an architetcure often defined for its never-ending love for wood. On the cover: Cone House by the Stockholm office Trigueiros. Twenty-eight SCANDINAVIAN ARCHITECTS from five…
Fukt #19 The Storylines Issue
“In times of global threats — from the pandemic to climate change, senseless politics, and periods confined to our homes — we may long for stories more than…
Hilma af Klint: Spiritualistic Drawings (1896-1905)
Séances and exercises automatic drawings. Vol 1 of the Hilma af Klint Catalogue raisonné. Spiritualistic Drawings shows af Klint’s works from 1896–1905. The abstraction in Hilma…
Tiotalets svenska bostad - Bostadsarkitektur 2010-2020
There's a demand for good residential architecture in a time when market-driven design has ruled. This book presents 25 guiding housing projects from the past 10 years in…
A-huset: Brutalism på svenska
A-huset (A-House), the former KTH School of Architecture, was built 1967-69 in Stockholm and inaugurated in 1970. Located on Östermalmsgatan 26, A-huset is a prime example of Swedish…
Elisabeth Henriksson: Hjärtstilla[signed]
A simply stunning study of plants – x-rayed medicinal plants – that brings Anna Atkins to mind. And Blossfeldt, of course. The images were originally…
Stockholm Design Lab: 1998-2019
To mark its 21st year in the industry, Stockholm Design Lab have compiled a special monograph of exclusive insight into our creative inspiration, design processes, historical references, and honest…
Form Us With Love: Problems
Collected in this book are a series of different problems, each with unique potential that became unlocked during the design process. Form Us With Love…
Scandinavia's premiere jazz venue – and since the past 40 years the club has been operated by The Association of Swedish Jazz Musicians. Over 120 pages with solely…
Karl Duner: Öar
Puppet performance The exhibition catalogue features mechanical puppets, sculpture and film by artist and stage director Karl Dunér. The puppets steer themselves and interact in a kind of…
Nuda: Terra
Four different covers In this issue: Olafur Eliasson, Noomi Rapace, Steve Angello , Carole Baskin, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Takuro Kuwata, Zak Arogundade (Ecco2K), Baba Stiltz, Steven Pinker, Johan Rockström, Vandana…
John Håkansson: Small: Mountain [signed]
A beautiful series of tree stumps and a playful reflection on other, real mountains. A photographic journey on a different scale, when real travel was limited.…
Johannes Frandsen: Orange Street [signed]
Street portraits of Chinese cleaning workers. A wonderful series that brings late German photographer Michael Wolf to mind. In Beijing, the capital of China, thousands of…
Atelje Altmann: Altmann Grotesk [signed]
A font is born: Altmann Grotesk is a collaboration between Christian Altmann and Janik Sandbothe of Ateljé Altmann After thoroughly researching both classic and contemporary sans serif typefaces, the aim…
Martin Bogren: Hollow [w/ signed print]
Hollow is an eerie yet beautiful series set in the North during winter time. Hollow was photographed in Northern Europe during the winters of 2008-2018. From the book: It is the…
Fiberspace 2015-2020
34 fiber artists, artisans and textile designer connected by their intrinsic use of textile materials and/or techniques as a central part of their practice. Fiberspace is…
Erik Gustafsson: This is Farewell [signed]
A personal visual essay on family relations, ”This is Farewell” is a captivating story in a superbly produced book. "This is Farewell" is an autobiographical story which aims to explore…
Dawid: OAS [signed]
A new still life series by Dawid (Björn Dawidsson). It's an interplay between photography and art, between the camera and the subject, between investigation and viewing. …
Bakom hörnet vindens jojk [Around the Corner, The Wind's Jojk]
Contemporary Sami art from Scandivania The exhibition ”Bakom hörnet vindens jojk” [“Around the Corner, the Wind’s Joik”] presents a geographic and cultural landscape that is distant, yet familiar.…
Matilda Dominique: Strukturbiblioteket [signed]
Sculptural, waffle woven textiles. This wonderful artist's book is in 4 part. 1 – Waffle weaving, 2 – The Studio, 3– The Samples, and 4 –…
Urbio: Myllrande stadslandskap 2
Urbio is an innovative landscape architectural studio devoted to sustainable urban planning and landscape architecture. This new volume presents projects and research since 2016 När myllrande stadslandskap tar form I…