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We're back but different. Now in a smaller and tightly curated webshop focused on Scandinavian must-have titles within art, architecture,

design and photography, with a selection of rare and out-of-print international titles.

Here today, gone tomorrow: Books come and go quickly, so be sure to check in with us regularly.

Happy hunting!

Hilma af Klint: Seeing is Believing
The reproductions in this beautiful book are primarily from af Klint's last abstract series II-VIII from 1920. This volume presents seven series of works by the pioneering artist…
Joakim Ojanen: Charcoal Drawings 07.20.2018- 12.05.2020 [signed]
Don't be sad, there might be more copies. Or a re-print. Write in your email in Notify Me-box and you'll be informed as soon as there is availability. A…
Erik Berglin: The Bird Project 2006-2017 [Special Ed - Blue]
A special edition of 30 copies Berlin's “The Bird Project 2006-2017” - three variations, ten of each – blue, prink and yellow acrylic slipcase. This blue version comes…
Nuda: Beyond
In this issue: Marina Abramović, Hilma af Klint, Jemima Kirke, Roy Andersson, Jonny Johansson, Max Lamb, Christer Fuglesang, Uri Geller, Marin Hägglund, Jeremy Shaw, Michael Pollan, Adam…
Material: Filosofi, Estetik, Arkitektur
A festschrift - or a collection of essays and texts celebrating writing and creativity – for Swedish philosopher Sven-Olov Wallenstein, whose vast contributions to academic and cultural life…
Magnus Wallin: Works 1994-2019
Gained critical acclaim for his early 3-d computer animation Exit in 1997. This new volume includes new works like the monochrome series in aluminum, bone fragments, blood powder,…
Eva Mag
The dynamics of movement. Éva Mag is a rising star on the Nordic art scene. This is the extensive catalogue to “There is a Plan for This” - Mag's…
Konstens frågeformulär 1-132
About art and artistic practice – 132 Swedish artists answered 9 questions from Magnus Bons, the art critic and editor of the online art magazine Hur tänker en…
Björn Larsson & AKAY: Quality Used Cars
Cars in PJs! Riso-printed fanzine by photographer Björn Larsson and street artist AKAY. Hand-sewn, riso-printed, with photographs of vehicles in car covers taken in Cairo in 2019. …
Joakim Kocjancic: Europea [signed]
On being European Cities mix together into one metropolis – Europea – where borders dissolve and the focus shifts to people. “Europea” is inspired by George Steiner, who in 2003…
Kiruna Forever
About a city being moved 3 km due to the expansion of the mine around which it was built. “Kiruna Forever” examines the current relocation of the city…
Hannes Frykholm: Building the City from the Inside
How does architecture mediate urban transformation? Hannes Frykholm's doctorial thesis from KTH Royal Institute of Technology speculates on the possibilities for re-imagining the border between building…
Jan Töve: Night Light [signed]
Perhaps the night, with other sources of illumination, reveals something new. Observations from 15 towns in Västra Götaland County on the western coast of Sweden. ”In darkness, I am…
Karin Törnell: Vitala delar / Vital Parts [signed]
Stunningly beautiful and serene: Törnell's glass sculptures also show her deep knowledge of the materials used. This catalogue presents recent sculptural works by Karin Törnell. “This I once saw, but forgot.…
Lars Tunbjörk: Gallery White Room catalogue 2008
From Lars Tunbjörk's series Vinter – 24 photographs are beautifully reproduced on heavy, glossy paper in this rare, oversized exhibition catalogue. No title, no name and…