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We're back but different. Now in a smaller and tightly curated webshop focused on Scandinavian must-have titles within art, architecture, design and photography, with a selection of rare and out-of-print international titles.

Here today, gone tomorrow: Books come and go quickly, so be sure to check in with us regularly.

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Gerry Johansson: Ehime [with signed postcard]
The first 100 copies comes with a signed postcard. For this 1999-project, Gerry Johansson travelled around the Ehime prefecture on the island Shikoku. The photographs in Gerry Johansson’s 2020…
 Mikael Olsson: on | auf  [signed]
Architecture, creation and re-creation: An exploration of identity and history seen through the temporary pavilion at Serpentine Gallery (2012) by Herzog & De Meuron and Ai Weiwei. "The images of Mikael…
Hilding Linnqvist: Att bli konstnär
Hilding Linnqvist (1891–1984) was a prominent figure and an inspirer in the Swedish Naïvist art movement of the 1910s. The exhibition catalogue presents his early years and his…
Hammare och spik
An homage to Enzo Mari and his manual/book ”Autoprogettazione” Erik Eje Almqvist visar hur du bygger möbler med endast hammare, spik och standardbrädor från valfritt…
Gert Wingårdh: Fresher
"Fresher" documents recent work by Gert Wingårdh & his office Wingårdhs. The book spans 7 years, 50 projects, 287 people, 296,000 working hours, and includes a variety of…
Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter: Rotunda 3
Two major projects, Tipperne Bird Sanctuary and Skjern River Pump Stations, illustrated in detail with photos, plans, sections amd line drawings. Tipperne: Includes a watching tower,…
Margrethe Odgaard: Shades of Light
A study of colours in a Nordic light by Danish colour and textile designer Margrethe Odgaard. More than two years of work with 900 swatches has been reduced…
Andreas Gedin: Pontus Hultén, She, a Cathedral & Moderna Museet
Pontus Hultén was one of the major museum directors, nationally and internationally, in his time. He built up important art institutions, primarily Moderna Museet Stockholm, the Centre Georges…
Jenny Nordberg: Strategies for Moving Freely
Jenny Nordberg works in the intersection between art and design. ”Strategies for moving freely” is a selection of work from the past five years. "Strategies for moving freely" is…
Material Matters: Painting and Its Materialities
The texts derive from presentations given at the conference ”Material Matters,” held at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm on December 13-14, 2018 Material can be symbolic and coded.…
Gerry Johansson: Lalendorf und Klaber, 2020 [signed]
Observations from two German cities in the former East Germany The pictures in "Lalendorf und Klaber" extend over a period of almost 30 years. The…
JH Engström: Day by Day [signed w/ signed print]
”Moving in, looking out. Here it is warm, and human. I could stay here.” - Montreuil 2020 Personal and poetic. ”Day by Day” consists of moments and observations from…
X1980 - Tio byggnader som definerade 1980-talet
High and low: A collection of 10 essays discussing 10 key buildings that defined Swedish architecture of 1980s. Tensta Gymnasium, Stockholm av Alexandra Pascalidou Eurostop, Jönköping av Dan Hallemar Posten, Tomteboda…
John Bauer: Trollbunden
Turn of the century and John Bauer, the painter, illustrator, created magical, folklorish landscapes populated with gnomes and trolls. In this exhibition catalogue Bauer is placed in context…
Ingrid Wallberg: Arkitekt och funktionalist
A little-known Swedish modernist pioneer who worked for Le Corbusier before she journeyed back to Sweden in 1928 and teamed up with Alfred Roth – the Swiss architect…