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We're back but different. Now in a smaller and tightly curated webshop focused on Scandinavian must-have titles within art, architecture,

design and photography, with a selection of rare and out-of-print international titles.

Here today, gone tomorrow: Books come and go quickly, so be sure to check in with us regularly.

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Hannes Frykholm: Building the City from the Inside
How does architecture mediate urban transformation? Hannes Frykholm's doctorial thesis from KTH Royal Institute of Technology speculates on the possibilities for re-imagining the border between building…
Eva Mag
The dynamics of movement. Éva Mag is a rising star on the Nordic art scene. This is the extensive catalogue to “There is a Plan for This” - Mag's…
Konstens frågeformulär 1-132
About art and artistic practice – 132 Swedish artists answered 9 questions from Magnus Bons, the art critic and editor of the online art magazine Hur tänker en…
Joakim Kocjancic: Europea [signed]
On being European Cities mix together into one metropolis – Europea – where borders dissolve and the focus shifts to people. “Europea” is inspired by George Steiner, who in 2003…
Karin Törnell: Vitala delar / Vital Parts [signed]
Stunningly beautiful and serene: Törnell's glass sculptures also show her deep knowledge of the materials used. This catalogue presents recent sculptural works by Karin Törnell. “This I once saw, but forgot.…
Signature Women: 100 Year on the Swedish Art Scene
Re-writing art history or more correctly: adding chapters to Swedish art history. 54 Swedish female artists & designers are featured – some well-known as well as previously marginalized names, active from…
Trine Søndergaard: 203 Works [signed]
Printed on four different papers: this retrospective look at the work of Danish photographer Trine Søndergaard is splendid. Always exploring the photographic medium itself , Søndergaard has her…
Laurent Denimal: Portraits d'auteurs / Author portraits [signed]
Siri Hustvedt, Henning Mankell, Tomas Tranströmer, Alaa al-Aswany name a new. A selection of authors portraits by the Stockholm-based French photographer Laurent Denimal "Portraits d’auteurs /…
Jan Töve: Night Light [signed]
Perhaps the night, with other sources of illumination, reveals something new. Observations from 15 towns in Västra Götaland County on the western coast of Sweden. ”In darkness, I am…
Mia Rogersdotter Gran: Ädno/Älven/The River [signed]
The brutal intrusion in the landscape from the impact of hydropower plants: A trip along the Lule river ”The River” is a journey along Lule River, from mountain to sea. With…
Kiruna Forever
About a city being moved 3 km due to the expansion of the mine around which it was built. “Kiruna Forever” examines the current relocation of the city…
Arkis Architects: Natural Elements
Staying in tune with the Icelandic landscape and traditions Arkís Architects is an architecture studio based in Reykjavík. Their Nordic humanist architecture is characterized by local conditions and…
Joachim Brohm: Typology 1979
Stunning series of Ruhr Valley allotments Joachim Brohm rose to prominence in the early 1980s, one of the first photographers in Europe to take pictures exclusively in colour, connecting…
Sophi Vejrich: Ritual of Air
Humour, surrealism and female identity: A selection of works by Swedish sculptor Sophi Vejrich with an emphasis of recent pieces. In Sophi Vejrich's work, the humorous is combined with the…
Jacob Dahlgren: From A to Z [signed]
Back in stock! Repetions, geometry, colour and playful installations. “From A to Z” is the first collection of Jacob Dahlgren's complete body of work to date, stretching over two…