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We're back but different. Now in a smaller and tightly curated webshop focused on Scandinavian must-have titles within art, architecture, design and photography, with a selection of rare and out-of-print international titles.

Here today, gone tomorrow: Books come and go quickly, so be sure to check in with us regularly.

Happy hunting!

Vincent Skoglund: Hunting for Bluebirds [signed]
Sequenced perfectly! Vincent Skoglund captures snowboarding culture like no one else. During those years, he worked as a travelling photographer around the world, admired for a …
Hilma af Klint: Paintings for the Temple 1906–1915
Hilma af Klint' best known series of works. These mostly abstract paintings, including "The Ten Largest", came to the artist – she claims – mediumistically in this period.…
Atelje Altmann: Altmann Grotesk [signed]
A font is born: Altmann Grotesk is a collaboration between Christian Altmann and Janik Sandbothe of Ateljé Altmann After thoroughly researching both classic and contemporary sans serif typefaces, the aim…
Erik Gustafsson: This is Farewell [signed]
A personal visual essay on family relations, ”This is Farewell” is a captivating story in a superbly produced book. "This is Farewell" is an autobiographical story which aims to explore…
Lightnin’ Howlin’ and Screamin’:  By this river. From Source to pond [signed]
Kim Ramberghaug & Jessika Thörnqvist's new publication offers a new series of photographs, here investigating the map, its boundaries and limitations and as a vehicle for artistic practice…
Swedish Illustrators & Graphic Designers 2021
The 2021 annual - with a clever cover design by the acclaimed designer Nina Ulmaja Illustratörcentrum is the largest provider of visual communication in Sweden. The award-winning catalog “Swedish Illustrators…
Tiotalets svenska bostad - Bostadsarkitektur 2010-2020
There's a demand for good residential architecture in a time when market-driven design has ruled. This book presents 25 guiding housing projects from the past 10 years in…
 Mikael Olsson: on | auf  [signed]
Architecture, creation and re-creation: An exploration of identity and history seen through the temporary pavilion at Serpentine Gallery (2012) by Herzog & De Meuron and Ai Weiwei. "The images of Mikael…
Isak Gustaf Clason : Minnets tempel
This is a revised edition of professor emeritus Johan Mårtelius' doctoral thesis from 1987 on Nordiska museet (Nordic Museum) in Stockholm which was completed in 1907 after 19-years…
The New Era Magazine: Issue 1
Hanna Nova Beatrice's new Scandinavian design magazine ‘The New Era’ is both a print magazine and online platform focusing on Scandinavian interiors, design, art, and craft.…
Hammare och spik
An homage to Enzo Mari and his manual/book ”Autoprogettazione” Erik Eje Almqvist visar hur du bygger möbler med endast hammare, spik och standardbrädor från valfritt…
August Eriksson: What Happens When Nothing Happens [signed]
Don't miss Clemens Poellinger's review attached further down! Void of people, the streets lay deserted and the city of Stockholm is seen clearer. August Eriksson set out on his walks…
Ann Ringstrand: Sy – 10 nya modeplagg av designer Ann Ringstrand
Co-founder of Swedish fashion brand Hope gives you patterns and instructions to make 10 garnments – from trousers to outerwear Äntligen en sybok som andas mode!…
Alberto Giacometti: Ansikte mot ansikte
Co-published with Fondation Giacometti, Paris and Hirmer Verlag, Munich Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966) gick sin egen väg inom den europeiska modernismen, ständigt på jakt efter ett…
Hilding Linnqvist: Att bli konstnär
Hilding Linnqvist (1891–1984) was a prominent figure and an inspirer in the Swedish Naïvist art movement of the 1910s. The exhibition catalogue presents his early years and his…